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Good morning! You just woken up in one of the world most beautiful cities and you got the whole day ahead of you in the middle of a pulsating metropolis! Where to head for? Every successful day starts with a hearty breakfast. Visit, for example, the original Café B Braun on Sokolovsk Street, where alongside a scrumptious quiche or crispy croissant you can enjoy the world class design by renowned Czech architect Eva Jiin. The logical choice after breakfast would be a tour of some of Prague world famous attractions. But why not try something different, such as a visit to Vtkov Hill, which is adjacent to the distinctive ikov district? Here you will find a statue of the Czech commander Jan ika that is actually the world largest equestrian statue. Inside the gigantic Functionalist landmark you can explore an exhibition on some of the key events of modern Czech history.

It already time for lunch. How about trying one of a number of top Prague restaurants that have won Michelin stars? The first of those is the restaurant at Alcron Hotel Radisson. Their baked St. Jacob mussels and chocolate fondant will have your taste buds in seventh heaven. The second Prague restaurant with a Michelin star is La Degustation Bohme, where you can try Czech delicacies such as straw soup with pheasant or Tebo carp.

After a pleasant lunch there nothing nicer than a walk in the park. Avoid the crowds at Prague Castle and Old Town Square and head for one of the most picturesque corners of Prague. On Kampa Island, which is right on the Lesser Quarter side of Charles Bridge, you will find a world of painted buildings, gorgeous squares and a park that is just perfect for lounging. If you surprised by bad weather, why not visit one of the city museums and galleries? One great choice is Museum Kampa, which along with its modern art collection at the stylishly renovated Sovovy Mlny building will win you over thanks to the original design of its surroundings.

Darkness is falling in Prague and you thinking about a fun place to spend the evening? You should check out one of the city many famous clubs, such as the popular SaSaZu, where a good time is guaranteed, the exclusive Duplex, or Karlovy lzn, Central Europe biggest nightclub.

When breakfast is a social event

A beautiful interior with high ceilings and huge windows, polished tables and a broad breakfast menu,
outlet peuterey milano 48 hours in the life of a citizen of Prague
professional service and above all a place where breakfasting quickly is not an option. That Café Savoy on Vtzn St. It French, English and American but also healthy breakfasts will simply convince you that you got to come back some day.

A building that made architectural history

Now it time to enter the swirl of the metropolis. One place that tourists often pass without noticing is the House of the Black Madonna, between Celetn St. and Ovocn trh. This unique construction is today home to a Museum of Czech Cubism; indeed the Cubist painting style only ever crossed over into architecture in Bohemia. You can visit the building Kubista gallery, the only outlet in the Czech Republic selling originals, replicas and copies inspired by Czech Cubism and Art Deco. Meanwhile, the shop Modernista in the nearby Hrznsk Palace offers an assortment of glass, porcelain, jewellery and furniture, both Functionalist and from the studios of contemporary Czech designers.

Treat yourself to a lunch with an exquisite view of the city of a hundred spires; the excellent French restaurant La Perle de Prague, on the seventh floor of the Dancing House, is a great choice. For outstanding coffee and even better desserts you could cross the Vltava to the stylish Café Lounge in the Lesser Quarter. Another great option is the legendary Myk confectioner which has been a very popular spot since the 1930s.

Would you like to meet local artists and independent types and get a picture of the real Prague? If so, you ought to visit the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Holeovice, which is a cool, young addition to Prague gallery scene. Its provocative exhibitions are among the best in the city.

No trip to Prague would be complete if you didn bring something original home with you. It well worth visiting some of the cities interesting boutiques, such as the Botas Concept Store. Alongside the unique range of sports shoes by the legendary Czech label on sale on its shelves, the shop unique design is sure to win you over. And if genuine luxury is your thing, take a stroll down Pask St., where you will find brands from the world leading fashion houses.
outlet peuterey milano 48 hours in the life of a citizen of Prague

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Uno studio commissionato da Federazione Moda Italia ad Astra Ricerche sui sentimenti e le tendenze dei consumi nel settore moda per il prossimo Natale conferma che la crisi si fa sentire: l di abbigliamento presente in moltissimi negozi in forte esubero rispetto alla domanda effettiva dei consumatori. I sacrifici dovuti per il pagamento dell entro il 17 dicembre e la notizia dell dell dal 21 al 22% dal prossimo luglio, fanno s che la maggioranza dei consumatori sia preoccupata e demoralizzata.

“In particolare, in provincia di Venezia spiega all Giannino Gabriel, presidente di Federazione Moda Italia Venezia il dato del calo delle vendite riferito al periodo settembre ottobre novembre molto preoccupante: si va dal 15 al 25% rispetto allo stesso periodo del 2011. Il calo pi sentito nelle periferie e nei piccoli centri, dove molti negozi sono stati costretti a praticare sconti attraverso vendite promozionali solo per poter garantire i pagamenti ai fornitori. Inoltre l dal clima caldo ha complicato le cose, bloccando la vendita di giubbotti e piumini”.
outlet peuterey milano Dati vendite commercianti abbigliamento Venezia 2012